Winch Prowinch 12.600 Kg Winche Izaje Industrial Heavy Duty 2 Frenos
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Prowinch Compact Winch

All of our compact winches are created with the goal of offering the best price–performance ratio. Key components such as lifespan factors are constantly tested and improved in order to offer the best product for the price.

Key Components

All internal components have been upgraded to meet the highest quality standards. Key electronic components are produced by American or German brands, and we use American-made lubricants to ensure the lifespan of gears and reducers. Final assembly and all tests are performed locally at Prowinch facility before shipping to ensure that every unit meets the corresponding standard.

Duty Classification

Duty Classification is a key factor when choosing the right unit. This H4 heavy duty industrial winch is suitable for high-volume handling in mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing plants and mills, and foundries. For uniformly distributed work periods, the winches have 50% max. operational time per hour and can handle up to 300 starts per hour. When being used for infrequent work periods, the winch can be operated for 30 minutes from a cold start with up to 300 starts per hour. Operational time ratings are calculated at a 65% load factor, as per ASME Standard.

Control System

This winch includes a 24V wired remote control with emergency stop and IP66 water resistant protection. We also offer an optional wireless remote control or a variable speed control with an SEW German Driver. The winch contains the best electric components available on the market, and everything is made, assembled, and tested locally in the US, Chile, or Colombia. A PWZR series desk control is also available with all the necessary control panels, instruments, touch screens, and alarms to give the operator all the information necessary for safe operation of the winch.

Braking System

Prowinch compact winches includes two brakes, one reducer brake and one motor brake. For additional safety we also offer an optional drum brake and dynamic brake. All brake systems are tested at 125% of the rated winch capacity and are designed to automatically engage immediately upon any loss of power.

Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Capacidad 1ª Capa 27500 lb / 12600 kg
  • Velocidad /min 30~43 ft / 9~13 m
  • Numero de Velocidades 1 Speed - Optional Variable Speed
  • Clase de Servicio H4/M5/2m/Class D
  • Potencia Motor 22 kW
  • Grado de Aislacion F
  • Clase de Protección del Recinto IP55
  • Voltaje 380/440~480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase
  • Voltaje preestablecido de Fabrica 460V-US / 380-CHILE
  • Control E-Stop/Up/Down - Optional Variable Speed
  • Freno Motor 1 @125%
  • Freno al Reductor 1 @125%
  • Freno Tambor Optional
  • Freno Dinámico Optional
  • Cable Incluido ø1 1/4 in x 820 ft | ø31.7 mm x 250 m
  • Cable NO Incluido Ask for options
  • Humedad <85%
  • Temperatura -4 ~ 104° F / -20 ~ 40° C
  • Nivel de Ruido 85 db
  • Normas D14.3 / RR-W-410E / ISO2232 / ASME B30.7 / B30.10 / ANSI-AWS
  • Garantía 3 Year

Peso & Dimensiones

  • A Altura Total 1240 mm
  • D Depth 1200 mm
  • W Ancho 2420 mm
  • BD ø Diámetro Tambor ø460 mm
  • FD Diámetro Flange Tambor ø840 mm
  • DL Ancho Tambor 830 mm
  • Peso Total (sin cable o cadena) 4445 lb / 2016 kg

Detalles del Empaque

  • NW1 Peso Neto 6802 lbs / 3086 Kg
  • GW1 Peso Bruto 6943 lbs / 3150 Kg
  • PH1 Altura Empaque 63 in / 160 cm
  • PW1 Ancho Empaque 87 in / 220 cm
  • PD1 Profundidad Empaque 39 in / 100 cm